We are Hiring a Full Stack Web Developer

Roles and Responsibilities

You will work with our project managers to develop and maintain web apps as well as integrate them with existing backends.

Your work will include making functional improvements to the UI, writing and integrating API endpoints and maintaining the backend.

You are expected to work independently with minimal supervision, and to leverage your know-how on projects to build complete working features and also be able to identify and resolve issues quickly.

Additionally you must also be willing and able to learn new skills with evolving requirements.

Desired Candidate Profile

The candidate must have 4+ years experience on ReactJS + Firebase OR the MERN stack.

Job Benefits & Perks

Work-from-Home: You don’t lose time or money on the commute. You get to work in your preferred development environment. (We can help you set up an ideal work-from-home environment)

Flexible working hours: Except for planned meetings, you are free to work during the hours that suit your lifestyle

How to Apply

Send us your updated CV and a link to the URL of at least one project that you developed on your own or in a workgroup. We will use this to understand the level of complexity of the projects you have already worked on and will be able to manage. If the project is not public or you cannot provide access to it, you can send a Google Presentation (slides.google.com) link to show some screenshots with a description of the features.

After receiving your CV and the documentation related to your projects we will plan a meeting on Google Meet. In the Google Meet, we will do a code walkthrough and will ask you to change a feature to demonstrate that you created it. We will also ask you some questions to understand your capability to design new solutions from scratch.



From 80,000 to 100,000 INR/ Monthly

Apply today!